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Smash Entertainz

Comedian, Actor, Host, Award Winning Content Creator

From his first open mic night to his sold-out shows, Smash has proven to be a natural on stage. His unique style and infectious energy have won over audiences all around the world.
Growing up in Birmingham city, Smash had a knack for making people laugh. He would often entertain his family and friends with his witty jokes and impressions. It wasn't until he was asked to step in at a show in his early twenties that he decided to pursue comedy professionally.


Comedy sketches, also known as skits or comedic skits, are short comedic scenes or performances that aim to entertain and amuse audiences.

Stand Up

Videos can range from clips of live performances to full-length stand-up specials, providing audiences with a front-row seat to the comedy club experience.


Shows or episodes that focus on delivering comedic content to listeners. Conversations and discussions among hosts or guests


Comedy and acting are intertwined disciplines that involve the art of entertaining an audience through humorous performances and engaging portrayals of characters.


YouTube is a hub for comedians, comedy troupes, and content creators to showcase their comedic skills and entertain a global audience.


Combining comedy and hosting events can elevate the overall experience for attendees. Comedy can be integrated into the host's role to add entertainment value and keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout the event.